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i need to convert video from swf to flv. im using pyvnc2swf : but it's not working. shows no errors but outputs a file with one blank frame.

here is the command:

/usr/share/pyvnc2swf/ -o outlet.flv -s 1 1.swf


Using pygame 1.9.1release there is no soundcard Input movie: version=7, size=718x351, framerate=24fps, frames=1, duration=0.0s. Output movie size: 718x351 Scanning source swf file: 1.swf... .1 frames written (duration=0.0s)
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i got the answer on my own : pyvnc2swf is working perfectly but it won't work with the swf's which are interative(require clicking etc). u can only convert simple swf's to flv.

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you can make your own answer as the answer to your question – Eonasdan Sep 30 '11 at 12:17
How to use to convert swf to video in windows. – Jai Nov 13 '15 at 6:27

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