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I am very curious to know that there are very beautiful desktop application out there in market i am not taking about functionality wise but look n feel. i am java programmer knew swing and AWT but i never achieved beautiful UI. i want to know how can i improve my skills as UI designer. i have good hold on HTML can design anything in html but when it comes to desktop application i fails.

could somebody explain me how to achieve such kind of application when u are developing functionality using java and what are other option to implements such result

i seriously need answer and if someone feels that it is repeated question or spam please before deleting give me link

thank you

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you can have a look at frameworks like swt, jface, draw2d, gef, gmf depending on your needs. –  Scorpion Sep 29 '11 at 6:17
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The look and feel of the user interface is only up to the designer. If you can create a good layout and use some better colour sense, you can achieve a good looking GUI.

Because you are a java programmer, i think you are familiar with GUI building tools like, Jbuilder, Netbeans, etc. if not try these tools for building your GUI.

Now if you are struggling with swing and awt components, you can give a look to singx. Another option of making GUI for java is to use the QT library. You can make your front end using the QT library and write your core programming in java itself.

Enough GUI components are available there, or you can change the appearance of the components yourself.

One can't draw a nice picture only with a large collection of drawing tools.

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