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The emacs help page for the M-x revert-buffer command says that it is bound to "s-u". What the heck is s-u? I know M-x is Meta-x (usually alt-x), and I know that C-x is Control-x. But what is s-u?

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The "s-" modifier is the "super" key, which on a standard PC keyboard is the window key.

This makes such shortcuts unusable on Windows AFAIK, but I have a few bound on my Linux.

I don't know what key this corresponds to on an Apple keyboard though.

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On Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with Emacs: 23.3.1, s-u corresponds to Cmd-u.

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Summary: It's your "Super" key.

(Emacs is nothing if not consistent with their naming - apparently it's usually Meta)

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