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I've moved a folder in tfs using the "move" command but now I cannot create branches off the moved folder based on date or label (label was created when source was in the old folder). I can however create a branch based on "latest version". I get an error message "no items match in if I try to branch of a label. I'm guessing the label references files using the old folder before I moved it. I also get no files if I try to "get specific version" by either date or label.

I've tried to roll back moving the folder but this gives me errors such as "An unexpected error occured".

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If you need to branch from points in time prior to the move, you need to specify the old name.

# fails
tf branch $/project/folder-newname $/project/folder-somebranch /version:Loldlabel

# should work
tf branch $/project/folder-oldname $/project/folder-somebranch /version:Loldlabel
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Does not appear to be possible from the UI (in VS2012 at least), but tf.exe from the command line as in this example works correctly. –  Typhlosaurus Mar 25 '13 at 14:42

The error related to rollback was that I had to roll back a folder rename first. I could then roll back moving the folder.

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