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I have table with 3 rows of header, and I needed repeat on new page only second row, first and third is not needed in the pages, excepts first page. If I set the properies "RepeatOnNewPage" in the second row only, SSRS show the error: "The TablixMember must have the same value set for the RepeatOnNewPage property as those following or preceding the dynamic TablixMember"

If I set this property in the all (3) rows of header - all ok, but I need only one :)

How to repeat only second row on new page?

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Can you move these headers to the report's header? –  niktrs Sep 29 '11 at 11:05
No, this is not good variant for my report - table is very complicated, and split a header it will be difficult –  ABarto Sep 29 '11 at 11:56

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So just to help clarify the answer based on success from working on my table. When I did the above action on the top-most static row, I got an error message. My table has three headers that are grouped and all need to be included in the repeatOnNewPage function. In order to successfully run my report, needed to repeat the step for all the static row headers.

Static (for each row): FixedData = True, Keepwithgroup = After, and RepeatOnNewPage = True

I also went into Tablix properties and checked both boxes under Row Headers for Repeat header rows on each page & Keep header visible while scrolling.

It was a very happy moment when i did not receive an error message after completing this scenario. good luck.

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I am not sure why, but this seemed to work for me. For your 3 header rows advanced properties,

(Static) KeepTogether= false, KeepWithGroup=None, RepeatOnNewPage= TRUE
(Static the one you want) KeepTogether= True, KeepWithGroup=After, RepeatOnNewPage= TRUE
(Static) KeepTogether= false, KeepWithGroup=None, RepeatOnNewPage= TRUE

When i tried this with the top and bottom rows repeat on new page False it gave me the error you described. I changed these to true just to try. I expected them to Repeat on new page but they didnt. My first page had all 3 and the rest just had the middle.

Hope this works for you!

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