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I'm new to jquery mobile. Recently, I was working on mobile jquery + phonegap for ipad. I found various issues especially with page transition. I google out and found an issue here as well but couldn't found any way out. Using a4.0 mobile jquery: 1) I used $.mobile.changePage(url,"fade") method as I want to have transition effect when an external .html page is requested. But I noticed a strange issue that no javascript could run on that page( On the other.html, I have a div which fetch some data from database based on requested page using javascript and sqlite database). I googled out and found that this was because $.mobile.changePage calls through ajax.

2) I even tried out window.location.href=url, but no transition effect was shown.

Using b3 mobile jquery: When used this version I found that blinky effect when transition was used as been discussed on .

What I want is smooth transition like flip,fade etc. So please guide what i should do to get desired result.

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I have used JQM 1.0RC1 version, it worked fine. – nik Oct 20 '11 at 4:26

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I have seen similar problems just using standard data-role pages especially in going back. I think JQuery Mobile is aware of this as a CSS/CSS3 compatible fix. March 2012 is ETA.

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You will probably have to ditch the transition for this as they use AJAX.

For external links in jQuery mobile, you need to use 'rel="external"' on your link.

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