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I'm working on a project which is connecting to web server and gets data stream from it. For testing purposes I'm showing all the data in LogCat so I can be sure that everything is right.

I'm testing my application in 2 devices:

  • HTC EVO 3D

At one point I noticed something strange: when I'm testing on EVO 3D I saw that I'm getting all packets of data stream twice, which is really strange because server cannot send me one packet two times. I thought it's because of EVO's dual core processor.

But after that I noticed the same problem with HTC Desire and in emulator too. On emulator I'm getting all packets even three times.

The problem is that it's not always happening. I looked closer at that problem and I saw that LogCat is showing all running processes on my devices and emulator twice or more and actually I started thinking that it's LogCat bug and have nothing to do with my application.

So my question: is anybody else getting the same strange behaviour of LogCat? Is it an SDK bug, or the problem is in my application code?

(I just tried with other applications, and the result is the same).

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im getting this error too. it only seems to affect my devices running gingerbread 2.3.5 though. my jellybean device doesnt suffer from this. i find it hard to believe nobody has come up with a solution to this yet. ive searched many pages via google, and cant find an explanation. – user280109 Feb 17 '13 at 10:08

Try resetting ADB, as in this answer. It just worked for me.

Logcat showing information 3 times on AVD

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As I noticed it's probably some kind of LogCat bug, because I debug my code maybe 50 times and find that there is nothing which can reproduce that problem. And I did check the request to the server which I am sending. It was only one request, not more. So that's why I started of thinking that it's probably an LogCat bug.

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