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my app program use coremotionmanager and locationmanager too.when i start the program, i found this error.

ERROR,Time,338977575.221,Function,"void CLClientHandleRegistrationTimerExpiry(__CFRunLoopTimer*, void*)",Registration timer expired, but client is still registering!

the error is'nt matter to my program ever. but recently i found my opengles view stopped unexpectedly when i move the ipod touch4 (use gyro). i checked my project, can't found any error except this.

anyone know how to slove this error.

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Duplicate? There is already some discussion here…. Matt Wilding reported that the error was gone after heavy refatoring and installation of iOS 5b. No solution:( Does the error show up always / when you move the device / sometimes / on device only? – Kay Sep 29 '11 at 15:58

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