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my journey of learning MVC continues and as hard as it is, I'm learning a lot of things I could never learn otherwise. Now I have faced the problem in routing. Currently I'm taking the $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] and get the controller and method and any args. When url is in format http://mysite.com/forum/thread/12/1123 there is no problem but I need to catch also requests like http://mysite.com/index.php?forum=12&&thread=1123. I have read links in threads below but cannot get my head on QSA and I though I would better ask.


mod_rewrite: Check for Custom query string in URL? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6799426/rewrite-url-with-query-string-in-htaccess

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I ended up writing something like before: I redirect using htaccess

//No Controller specified in url (The current url is base url like http://example.com/hosanna_framework/)
    $url = $config["router"]["default_controller"];
//Controller is specified in url
     $url = $_GET['base_url'];
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