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Is it possible to search (with apache solr) for items which are in one of few categories using filter query, eg items in category 'computers' OR 'phones'

When I want to search for items in category computers AND phones I type: select/?q=...&fq=cat:computers&fq=cat:phones but it is possible to use OR insted of AND?

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You can use

fq=cat:(computers OR phones)
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Hello i have got params={start=1&q=file_content+:+cześć*&wt=javabin&fq=file_create_user:\-1+AND+f‌​ile_parents_folder:(341\+AND\+4222)&version=2&rows=25} status=400 QTime=2 and i have got error Invalid Number: (341 AND 4222) –  Łukasz Woźniczka Aug 2 '13 at 7:28
You saved my day :-) Thanks –  szydan Oct 15 '14 at 8:03

The following fails to find valid results. It acts like AND.

cat1:[1 TO 50] OR cat2:[1 TO 50]

The following fail with Bad request.

(cat1:[1 TO 50] OR cat2:[1 TO 50])
(cat1:[1 TO 50]) OR (cat2:[1 TO 50])
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A filter query is just a query -- as complex as you'd like. So, you can certainly build up a query, e.g.,

fq=(cat1:val1 OR cat2:val2 OR (cat3:(val3 AND val4)))

...or whatever.

The only difference between a filter query and a plain-old query (besides memory and caching issues, which you might want to also think about) is that a filter query doesn't affect the relevancy scores at all. But in terms of complexity, you can do whatever you want.

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Fantastic, thank you! –  Johnny Oshika Jan 29 at 2:09

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