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My grid data read is configured for use json format. This is the configuration

    mtype: "POST",
    datatype: "json",

    ajaxGridOptions: {
      type    : 'post',
      async   : false,
      error   : function() { alert('Something bad happened. Stopping');},

    jsonReader : {
      root        : "rows",
      page        : "page",
      total       : "total",
      records     : "records",
      repeatitems : true,
      cell        : "cell",
      id          : "0",
      userdata    : "userdata",

The read request from client send always parameters in this format:

_search=false&nd=1317286048991&rows=25&page=1&sidx=device_id&sord=asc&totalrows=100 How I can convert it to json format ?

I have also set the postData option

postData    : JSON.stringify({"dev_post_reqtype":"read","dev_post_devndx":"1","dev_post_reccount":"55"}),

It work but obiuovsly cannot be changed

I have this problem with pager. For testing after change the page number I call this function

    function DEVpager_event(pgevent) {

 var page = jQuery("#DEVtbl").getGridParam('page');
  alert (pgevent+page) ;

// changed devndx for test only
var jdata = JSON.stringify({"dev_post_reqtype":"read","dev_post_devndx":"25","dev_post_reccount":"55"}) ;

jQuery("#DEVtbl").jqGrid('setGridParam', 'postData', jdata); } ;

page is changed with my selection but postData don't change thanks for help

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If I understand correct your problem you should use serializeGridData in about the following form:

serializeGridData: function(postData) {
    return JSON.stringify(postData);

If you need send some additional data to the server you can use additionally

postData: {
    dev_post_reqtype: "read",
    dev_post_devndx: "1",
    dev_post_reccount: "55"


postData: {
    dev_post_reqtype: "read",
    dev_post_devndx: 1,
    dev_post_reccount: 55

depend on the type of dev_post_devndx and dev_post_reccount properties which you need (string or integer).

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Thanks! Someone should mark this as the answer. It works as expected. –  Amith George Feb 22 '12 at 11:31
@AmithGeorge: You are welcome! –  Oleg Feb 23 '12 at 16:02

The documentations of jqGrid... probably the worst I have ever seen

Try with this example:

        {  add: true, edit: true, del: true },
        {// settings for edit
                        closeAfterAdd: true,
                        closeAfterEdit: true
                ,{// settings for add
                        closeAfterAdd: true,
                        closeAfterEdit: true
                ,{} // settings for delete

function afterShowEdit(formId) {
function afterShowAdd(formId) {

function processAddEdit(formId) {

function validateData(formId) {

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