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net mvc 3 with the world first ever razor engine

lets say i have an array of string, well call it online users

string [] onlineusers --> it has data inside of it

now, how can i make a table using razor, and fill out it with the contents of onlineusers array? tnx

possible output
online users table (generated by mvc 3 razor | view engine)
jack       |
jason      |
peter      |
juan       |

also, is there a way that i can customize the html table? like make it center, upward, down, leftward. im also planning to place 3 tables loaded with different sets of data.

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Assuming your passing it in as a model

@foreach (string User in Model)

Would give you a basic table. Past that you need to use CSS to customize it.

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using the Razor syntax you could simply the data from a strongly typed model in your view


@foreach(var onlineuser in Model.Users){
     <td><b>Name : </b></td>
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