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In the google maps javascript api you can add a groundoverlay and just pass two points, the point lefttoplat&lefttoplong and the point rightbottomlat&rightbottomlong... (The normal overlays don't stay between these two points, but stay the same size when you zoom in or out.)

I have been searching for something like that in the Android google maps api, but I can't find it anywhere. Is there such a thing in the android maps api and if there's not, what's the best way to simulate this function?

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Not sure when was the support for GroundOverlays added into Google Maps Android API but it is available now. The API has a class called 'GroundOverlay' that does exactly what the equivalent javascript API do. Here is the link. – Nouman Hanif Nov 13 '14 at 6:16

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This is better. Using the draw-method makes sure you only draw the part of the bitmap that is actually on the screen. I still get the exceeded VM-budget error sometimes. I'm still looking into that.

public class GroundOverlay extends Overlay {

Bitmap original;
Bitmap resized;
int lastZoomlevel;
SnowmapsOverlayObject snowmapsObject;
public static Boolean DRAW = false;
GeoPoint topGeoPoint;
GeoPoint bottomGeoPoint;

OnReady _onReady = null;

Boolean ready = false;

public GroundOverlay(Bitmap original, SnowmapsOverlayObject snowmapsObject) {
    this.original = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(original, original.getWidth(), original.getHeight(), true);
    this.snowmapsObject = snowmapsObject;

    topGeoPoint = new GeoPoint((int) ((snowmapsObject.topLat).doubleValue() * 1E6), (int) ((snowmapsObject.topLng).doubleValue() * 1E6));
    bottomGeoPoint = new GeoPoint((int) ((snowmapsObject.bottomLat).doubleValue() * 1E6), (int) ((snowmapsObject.bottomLng).doubleValue() * 1E6));

public void draw(Canvas canvas, MapView mapView, boolean shadow) {
        super.draw(canvas, mapView, false);

        Projection projection = mapView.getProjection();

        Point leftTop = new Point();
        Point rightTop = new Point();
        Point rightBottom = new Point();
        Point leftBottom = new Point();

        projection.toPixels(topGeoPoint, leftTop);
        projection.toPixels(new GeoPoint(topGeoPoint.getLatitudeE6(), bottomGeoPoint.getLongitudeE6()), rightTop);
        projection.toPixels(bottomGeoPoint, rightBottom);
        projection.toPixels(new GeoPoint(bottomGeoPoint.getLatitudeE6(), topGeoPoint.getLongitudeE6()), leftBottom);

        if (
                (leftTop.x < 0 || leftTop.y < 0) && 
                (rightTop.x < 0 || rightTop.y < 0) && 
                (rightBottom.x < 0 || rightBottom.y < 0) && 
                (leftBottom.x < 0 || leftBottom.y < 0)) {
            // Not on screen? Don't draw the overlay

        //      GeoPoint mapCenter = mapView.getMapCenter();
        Paint paint = new Paint();

        canvas.drawBitmap(original, null, new Rect(leftTop.x, leftTop.y, rightBottom.x, rightBottom.y), paint);

        if (!ready && _onReady != null) {
            ready = true;

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent e, MapView mapView) {
    super.onTouchEvent(e, mapView);

    if (e.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_UP) {

    return false;

private void setDrawTrue() {
    DRAW = true;
    new Handler().postDelayed(new Runnable() {

        public void run() {
            DRAW = false;
    }, 100);

public void setOnReady(OnReady onReady) {
    this._onReady = onReady;

public interface OnReady {
    public void done();


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Thanx, but that's still in vain images are huge that I am handling. I need a way to crop the image – Shardul Oct 24 '11 at 14:16

Fixed it myself.

For everyone with the same problem, here is my code:

public class GroundOverlay extends OverlayItem {

    private MapView map;
    private Bitmap overlay;
    private GeoPoint topGeoPoint;
    private GeoPoint bottomGeoPoint;

    public Drawable drawable;

    public GroundOverlay(
            MapView map, 
            GeoPoint topLeftGeoPoint, 
            GeoPoint bottomRightGeoPoint, 
            Bitmap overlay,
            String title, 
            String snippet) {
        super(bottomRightGeoPoint, title, snippet); = map;
        this.overlay = overlay;
        this.topGeoPoint = topLeftGeoPoint;
        this.bottomGeoPoint = bottomRightGeoPoint;


    private void _init() {
        Point topPoint = new Point();
        Point bottomPoint = new Point();

        map.getProjection().toPixels(topGeoPoint, topPoint);
        map.getProjection().toPixels(bottomGeoPoint, bottomPoint);

        int width = bottomPoint.x - topPoint.x;
        int height = bottomPoint.y - topPoint.y;

        drawable = overlayDrawable(overlay, width, height);

    public BitmapDrawable overlayDrawable(Bitmap bitmap, int newWidth, int newHeight) {
        Matrix scale = new Matrix();

        float scaleFloat = (float)newWidth / (float)bitmap.getWidth();

        scale.postScale(scaleFloat, scaleFloat);
        Bitmap bitmapScaled = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap.getWidth(), bitmap.getHeight(), scale, false);

        BitmapDrawable bm = new BitmapDrawable(bitmapScaled);

        return bm;


You'll have to do the setMarker(drawable) somewhere and it should work. I'm doing that somewhere else (hence the public drawable).

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I tried that but I get VMBudget exceeds error. Any way to solve that ? – Shardul Oct 22 '11 at 14:18
I get that too. Not on my own phone, but on the phone of one of my colleagues. But I also found out that I should use the draw-method, that helpes a bit. See my new answer for the new code. – Sander Bruggeman Oct 24 '11 at 9:02

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