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I'm new in the java world, so I'm sorry if my question is trivial.

I'm developing a Eclipse view part, and I'm filling a SWT tree view with the following data structure. All data is in memory:


I think that is not a very big tree, but it is slow being drawn (10 seconds). I have manage trees in .NET with more than 10.000 elements and it loaded smoothly. I don't know if I've implemented the code, but the same problem appeared in .NET if I did not call BeginUpdate() - EndUpdate().

Must I call something similar in Java/SWT? Any other tips about why the tree is so slow?

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You could use the SWT.VIRTUAL flag when creating the Tree to help with the performance

For more information, see this article on Virtual Trees and Tables

This can also be combined with the JFace TreeViewer. See this article on the JFace TreeViewer for more details (although this doesn't specifically mention the virtual flag)

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Finally, I used setRedraw(boolean value) after calling refresh in my TreeViewer.

public void refresh() {
    try {
    finally {
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