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I have a polygon data table in PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Now I need to convert this Polygon data into its corresponding line segments. Can anybody tell me how to convert it using PostGIS queries.

Thanks in Advance

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Generally, converting polygon to line may be not straightforward because there is no one-to-one mapping and various elements of polygon map to different linestring (exterior ring, interior rings, etc.).

Considering that, you will need to split each of those separately following possible approach like this:

SELECT ST_AsText( ST_MakeLine(sp,ep) )
   -- extract the endpoints for every 2-point line segment for each linestring
      ST_PointN(geom, generate_series(1, ST_NPoints(geom)-1)) as sp,
      ST_PointN(geom, generate_series(2, ST_NPoints(geom)  )) as ep
       -- extract the individual linestrings
      (SELECT (ST_Dump(ST_Boundary(geom))).geom
       FROM mypolygontable
       ) AS linestrings
    ) AS segments;

depending on what polygon data are stored in mypolygontable, you may want to dump not only the boundary (as above using ST_Boundary) but also other elements. The code above with more detailed overview is taken from the postgis-users list: Split a polygon to N linestrings

There is also a generic approach to the problem explained in Exploding a linestring or polygon into individual vectors in PostGIS

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