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I am trying to return text/plain from a couchdb list but it is not working. The content is returned correctly but the content type seems to be forced to application/json.

Code snippet is

              start({ "headers" : {"Content-type" : "text/plain"}});
              send("Nono, you can't do this");

Before this code there is one getRow invoked. If I remove that the text/plain content type is returned as expected.

Not sure what is going wrong here and I can't really avoid the getRow as the result of that determines the content type to return.

Any guidance warmly welcomed!

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CouchDB starts the response (including sending the default Content-Type header) when you first call getRow(), so what you are seeing is expected behaviour.

Submit a ticket to our JIRA (, though, and perhaps it can be delayed, allowing the useful effect you are attempting.

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