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Hi I need to remove a flag in Java. I have the following constants:

public final static int OPTION_A = 0x0001;
public final static int OPTION_B = 0x0002;
public final static int OPTION_C = 0x0004;
public final static int OPTION_D = 0x0008;
public final static int OPTION_E = 0x0010;
public final static int DEFAULT_OPTIONS =

I want to remove, for example OPTION_E from default options. Why is not the following code correct?

// remove option E from defaul options:
int result = DEFATUL_OPTIONS;
result |= ~OPTION_E;
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What does the JVM tell you? Wouldn't running it be faster than waiting for an answer to come back from SO? You could have had this done three times by now. –  duffymo Sep 29 '11 at 10:07

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|= performs a bitwise or, so you're effectively "adding" all the flags other than OPTION_E. You want &= (bitwise and) to say you want to retain all the flags other than OPTION_E:

result &= ~OPTION_E;

However, a better approach would be to use enums and EnumSet to start with:

EnumSet<Option> options = EnumSet.of(Option.A, Option.B, Option.C,
                                     Option.D, Option.E);
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+1 for suggesting use of EnumSet. –  Costis Aivalis Sep 29 '11 at 10:13
It has me listed as downvoting this. I think it was a mistake, and it was too long ago so now I can't undo it! –  Andy Oct 29 '12 at 13:50

You must write

result &= ~OPTION_E;

Longer explanation:

You must think in bits:

~OPTION_E    // 0x0010 -> 0xFFEF
DEFATUL_OPTIONS //     -> 0x001F
0xFFEF | 0x001F //     -> 0xFFFF
0XFFEF & 0x001F //     -> 0x000F

The OR will never clear 1 bits, it will at most set some more. AND on the other hand will clear bits.

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You should use the and operator instead of or:

result &= ~OPTION_E;

One way to think about it is that |= sets bits whereas &= clears bits:

result |= 1;  // set the least-significant bit
result &= ~1; // clear the least-significant bit
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