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I am creating a flash game for iPhone using Flash CS5, Everything runs smoothly when creating swf via Ctrl+Enter. But when i am attaching .p12 and provisioning profile files and publish the FLA for generating .ipa there is an error thrown by the compiler that is:

"Incorrect number of arguments, Expected no more than 0"

private static function closestVertexOnOBB(p:Vector, r:RectangleParticle):Vector   
        var d:Vector = p.minus(r.samp);         
        var q:Vector= new Vector(r.samp.x, r.samp.y);

        for (var i:int = 0; i < 2; i++) 
            var dist:Number =[i]);

            if (dist >= 0) dist = r.extents[i];
            else if (dist < 0) dist = -r.extents[i];

        return q;

can anyone help please??

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The Vector class is actually a native flash class since Flash Player 10 (API docs) and is therefore a class-name so should avoid for our custom classes. we should have different class name rather than the inbuilt flash keywords and class names.:)

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