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I'm building an HTML to PDF converter with the WkHtmlToXSharp (QT webkit) library, and was wondering if someone knows how to add headers and footers to the document? I've seen a few questions about this library here, but couldn't find anything about the headers and footers.

In the wkhtmltopdf manual (http://madalgo.au.dk/~jakobt/wkhtmltoxdoc/wkhtmltopdf-0.9.9-doc.html) there are documentation about headers and footers, but I couldn't find anything in the .NET wrapper library (WkHtmlToXSharp), it is probably not implemented?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Here are some snippets of how I do it:

public class HeaderFooterSettings
    public string HtmlUrl { get; set; }
    public string Right { get; set; }
    public string Spacing { get; set; }

public class PdfObjectSettings
    private WebSettings _webSettings = new WebSettings();
    private LoadSettings _loadSettings = new LoadSettings();
    private HeaderFooterSettings _headerSettings = new HeaderFooterSettings();
    private HeaderFooterSettings _footerSettings = new HeaderFooterSettings();

    public string Page { get; set; }
    public string Cover { get; set; }
    public bool ProduceForms { get; set; }
    public bool PagesCount { get; set; }

    public HeaderFooterSettings Header { get { return _headerSettings; } }
    public HeaderFooterSettings Footer { get { return _footerSettings; } }
    public WebSettings Web { get { return _webSettings; } }
    public LoadSettings Load { get { return _loadSettings; } }

    // TODO: Add remaining settings..
    //see the following page for settings format http://www.cs.au.dk/~jakobt/libwkhtmltox_0.10.0_doc/pagesettings.html

Here is the main logic of setting the header and footer URL:

var objectSettings = new PdfObjectSettings();
objectSettings.Header.HtmlUrl = headerHtmlUrl;
objectSettings.Header.Spacing = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ContentSpacing"];
objectSettings.Footer.HtmlUrl = footerHtmlUrl;

I hope this helps.


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