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I'm confused here,

I'm trying to get user data using Facebook Api, I'm requesting email permission using scope=email like this:

In Facebook access confirmation window I see that my application requests access to the email, but even after that when I do request to Graph Api it doesn't return the email (it does return all other fields) If I do a request like this:,name,email&access_token=MY_TOKEN

it only returns id and name.

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try it this way__ – Neelam Sep 29 '11 at 11:35

Thank you all guys for your time. It started to work by itself after I deleted the app access from My account in Facebook and then tried to get access again.

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Try using c# sdk it's to easy with it. There are some examples in this link.

Hope it helps.

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Use the FQL API for this:


select contact_email from user where uid=me()

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