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I want to use regular expression in javascript to extract values. The string is in this pattern "title{position}", how should i get title and position in this example?

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what have u done so far?? – diEcho Sep 29 '11 at 11:13

Assuming that's all there is too it (no nesting of '{}'s or anything) (\w+)\{(\w+)\} will match that instance and group the results as groups 1 and 2. Do you need anything more complicated like a collection of many of these per string or is that enough?

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Is that string everything? If so there's no need for matching. Just split the string!

var str = "foo{bar}";
var pieces = str.split(/\{|\}/);

var title = pieces[0];
var position = pieces[1];

alert("Title: " + title + "\nPosition: " + position);

Demonstrated here

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If you did want to add results to a structure -

var arr = [];

var text = 'title{position}';
text.replace(/(\w+){(\w+)}/g, function(m, key, value){
    //alert('title is-'+key);
    //alert('position is-'+value);

Demo -

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