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I am trying to integrate the new Timeline API to my website. As per the Facebook tutorial I need a valid user access_token with publish_actions permissions in order to POST the new actions from my web application.

I am unable to find this access token value when I try to authorize my application using the "Add to Timeline" button. Is the access token provided using a different name in the below response?

First response:

Started POST "/sessions/facebookconnect" for at Thu Sep 29 15:14:55 +0530 2011
  Processing by SessionsController#facebookconnect as */*
  Parameters: {"fb_sig_app_id"=>"xxx", "fb_sig_authorize"=>"1", 
     "fb_sig_locale"=>"en_US", "fb_sig"=>"ad956c798422a32073bbe0c1aac17fa9", 
     "fb_sig_in_new_facebook"=>"1", "fb_sig_added"=>"1", "fb_sig_country"=>"in", 
     "fb_sig_expires"=>"1317294000", "fb_sig_ss"=>"OQXYyKtzHDSGsGmfmnZAjw__", 
     "fb_sig_api_key"=>"xxx", "fb_sig_user"=>"xxx", 
     "fb_sig_profile_update_time"=>"1302344571", "fb_sig_time"=>"1317289641.7695"}

Second response (truncated):

Started GET "/sessions/connect/?perms=publish_actions&selected_profiles=xxx&installed=1&next=...." for at Thu Sep 29 15:14:56 +0530 2011

FYI: My application's code supports OAuth 2.0, and it works perfectly for the normal authentication flow which does not ask for the "publish_actions" permission.

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The fb_sig parameters there are deprecated, you should probably be using the currently supported auth methods and enable oauth2 in your app settings – Igy Sep 29 '11 at 12:55
My code is written for OAUTH2 authentication (i use the Koala plugin for rails) and it works perfectly when authenticate my application using params other than "publish_actions". But once i include the "publish_actions" params in my authentication request then i get the following response from Facebook. – saravanak Sep 29 '11 at 13:29

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