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I created a views showing user details, and i would like to show this views by date-wise. I want to create a starting date and ending date (January 1 2011 to February 25 2011), then click submit. It show only the user join between January 1 to February 25. Is it not possible to do in views, if so please tell me the other methods to do.

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For this you can use the Filter area in views. You select the User Join date as a filter, then you click the Expose button. Then in the radio list choose the one where it says something like "is between". Then you should have a form where you can select a start and end date for the users on the page.

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really thanks zeroFiG, its working fine. i want to know what all options in view module. –  Ashok KS Sep 29 '11 at 11:51

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