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I have a matrix which I display with imagesc. Now I'm asked to make an "interpolated" version (i.e. display with smoother colors).

While I could compute a larger interpolated matrix, I seem to remember that there was a command to switch between two such display modes, either a little command in the style of axis equal or some Property - but I just cannot find it.

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You may want to use pcolor instead of imagesc and set the shading properties to interp.

Note that pcolor and imagesc will not display your data in the same way but the shading property is only available for faceted plots.

However this is only a display solution, you will have to interpolate your data if you want to work with it afterwards.

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Thanks Aabaz, yes, that does the trick - I don't remember pcolor at all but shading interp sounds familiar. And yes, I was looking explicitly for a solution that affects the display only. It is a bit annoying, though, that the last row & column isn't displayed at all with shading flat (on the first glance pcolor looks very different from imagesc). –  cbeleites Sep 29 '11 at 13:48

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