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doing "points of interest along a route" in google maps This would fit perfectly to my question...... But its not suitable for an android activity :/

So I start copiing the question now... just wait :D... aargh! Done!

I need to allow travelers to use google maps to plot a route, and then query my database of points of interest (let's say, McDonald's locations) and then show all of these locations that are within a mile or two of the route they will be taking. The question is, how do I efficiently take the "driving directions" information that comes back from google (essentially an array of lat/long pairs), and turn that into an sql query to get locations that fall within a certain distance from the route? ...and then put the whole thing into my android app?

I dont get it :(

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nobody there to answer :(? –  Andreas Muh Oct 19 '11 at 10:08
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First things first:

1) do you have latlng (geolocations) variable type in your database?

If answer(1) == yes: Calculate and query your database: D²=(Xb-Xa)²+(Yb-Ya)² along each of your Xa,Ya route points to discover the POIs (Ya,Yb) within Distance = D.

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But how may I figure out what my route points are? It should be done with PHP you know? (sry for answering so late) –  Andreas Muh Oct 29 '11 at 10:24
Yes how do I get the route points? –  ajbraus Mar 18 at 20:56
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