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I've been looking around for a simple ondemand billing solution.

My scenario is the following:

My customers use virtual credits on my website.

Payment option 1) Customers can buy virtual credits buy suppliying a credit card.

Payment option 2) Customers can register their credit card for automatically getting billed when credits are running low.

I know google does this for their API usages. Any one have a good idea of a provider that can achieve this in a simple way? I want to outsource the whole process to not run into any PCI compliance issues. Also I would like the hosted solution to be wihtin our site (ifram in a popup). The majority of our customers are companies.

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If you are in the US you can use Authorize.Net's Customer Information Manager (CIM) API to create payment profiles for your customers. Then you can charge against those profiles at any time to add credits when they are running low. They offer a hosted CIM option which greatly reduces your PCI compliance issues.

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I've been looking at Stripe.com lately. They offer a very simple to use API which seems to be very well thought out. They offer on-demand and subscription billing, good documentation, and their costs are not out of line (2.9% + $.30 per txn) considering you don't have to get a merchant account. They are US-based.

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