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I would like to use the Stanford parser in another language not already implemented.

I looked on the website but found nothing that could help me with that.

I guess what I have to do is "just" create a new languagePCFG.ser but to do that?

Also, if anyone knows if French and Spanish are supposed to be released?

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Several things are needed:

  • You need a treebank (set of hand-parsed trees) from which the probabilities used in the parser are calculated
  • You need language-specific files (like xLanguagePack, xTreebankParserParams, which specify things about the language, treebank encoding, and parsing options
  • You then train the parser on the treebank to produce the grammar file (see makeSerialized.csh in the distribution)
  • You might need a language-specific tokenizer to divide text into tokens
  • If you want Stanford Dependencies output, then there is also a rule-based layer that defines the dependencies

A French model is now included in the most recent distribution (2011-09-14). There are not any current plans for Spanish, though it all depends on the availability of resources and enthusiastic people.

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