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I've seen this topic in this forum but it I need a more basic explanation on how to do this.

I've done a program in Java with some external libraries (LWJGL and Slick).

So this is what I've done and my program won't start anyway, tell me where I've done wrong.

I have Eclipse 3.7.1

  1. My project is opened in Eclipse and runs well in Eclipse
  2. I click File -> Export
  3. I select Java -> Runnable JAR file
  4. Here I don't know what to choose in Launch configuration, when I click the dropdown I get the option to choose my main class so I do that.
  5. I select an export destination
  6. I select the option "Package required libraries into generated JAR" under Library Handling
  7. I don't know what ANT script is so I don't use that
  8. I click Finish
  9. I copy my images-folder to the same location as the generate JAR-file
  10. I try to start the JAR-file, something loads in the background but nothing happens, no window shows up, nothing.
  11. I check the Task manager in windows and sees that a javaw.exe is running

What did I miss?

My program uses images for graphics like this:

image = new Image("images/filname.png");

I wonder if I need to change the paths before exporting or the method to load these?


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Check what exception is getting thrown - run the JAR from the command-line: java -jar filename.jar –  Nate Sep 29 '11 at 12:37

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If you want to get things from inside a jar file you need to have them in your classpath and access them as resources.

The constructor you use, refers to a physical file which cannot peek inside a jar-file.

(EDIT) Also note that you have no guarantee where the current working directory is. Hence any relative references may break, as you see.

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How do I add images to a classpath and access them as resources? –  Skullbox Sep 29 '11 at 12:35
I agree, he should package the images inside the JAR - but it doesn't sound like that's causing the problem in this case... it sounds like he's loading his images as files - he builds the JAR, then copies his images folder to the same location as the JAR file. This should work. –  Nate Sep 29 '11 at 12:41

Read this to learn how to use JarSplice to export your Eclipse project to a runnable jar-file. Regarding images, you can put them in the same directory as a class file (in the jar) and then write

to retrieve an InputStream of the image. Then you can load it however you like.

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I had the same problem and I was able to fix it. All I did was copy the data folder (which contains my resources) into the *.jar file. You can do this for example with WinRAR.

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