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I'd like to prefetch in C#, the XmlTypeMapping of a known set of class types to speed up XML deserialization of them while instantiating a new XmlSerializer as XmlReflectionImporter.ImportTypeMapping (happening during XmlSerializer contruction on a class type) is quite time consuming and seem to happen at each XmlSerializer construction.

In addition the xml content I am parsing forces me to use XmlRootAttribute argument to set the xml root element name to parse as it is not always the same. To achieve that, I can use the XmlSerializer(Type, XmlRootAttribute) constructor to deserialize my object.

However I would also like to benefit from the prefetch XmlTypeMapping and I can't see any XmlSerializer constructor like : XmlSerializer( XmlTypeMapping, XmlRootAttribute ) or something close. How could I achieve that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Another disadvantage of that constructor is that it will keep a runtime-generated deserializer assembly in memory that cannot be released – Aphelion Oct 9 '12 at 11:06
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The built-in cache is not used on any of the constructors that accept an XmlRootAttribute. Your best bet is to use the constructor that accepts a single XmlTypeMapping parameter:

public XmlSerializer(XmlTypeMapping xmlTypeMapping)

And to wrap it in your own constructor that accepts a XmlRootAttribute, and constructs the XmlTypeMapping from it using XmlReflectionImporter:

public class CachedRootXmlSerializer : XmlSerializer
    private static Dictionary<int, XmlTypeMapping> rootMapCache = new Dictionary<int,XmlTypeMapping>();

    private static XmlTypeMapping GetXmlTypeMappingFromRoot(Type type, XmlRootAttribute xmlRootAttribute)
        XmlTypeMapping result = null;
        int hash = 17;

            hash = hash * 31 + type.GUID.GetHashCode();
            hash = hash * 31 + xmlRootAttribute.GetHashCode();

        lock (rootMapCache)
            if (!rootMapCache.ContainsKey(hash))
                XmlReflectionImporter importer = new XmlReflectionImporter(null, null);
                rootMapCache[hash] = importer.ImportTypeMapping(type, xmlRootAttribute, null);
            result = rootMapCache[hash];

        return result;

    CachedRootXmlSerializer(Type type, XmlRootAttribute xmlRootAttribute)
        : base(GetXmlTypeMappingFromRoot(type, xmlRootAttribute))


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Thank you, this is really smart. :) – dletozeun Jun 18 '14 at 9:07

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