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can we connect to heroku using webservices or anything else . i want to set up an integration in java which should login in ito heroku and run my application.?

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There is an out-dated doc on the Heroku REST APIs that will give you the basic idea. Unfortunately the most up-to-date reference is the Heroku command-line client source code - which is in Ruby.

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thanks james it can be useful –  gaurav Sep 30 '11 at 5:53

If you want to build an HTTP client in Java, Jersey (Oracle's JAX-RS Reference implementation) is a good choice. It's client library is very similar to the client library that will be in standardized in JAX-RS 2.0.

With Jersey, you are also not limited to Java's build in HTTP connector but can plug in the (much better) Apache HTTP client connector. (All described in the Jersey docs)


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