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Using the emulator, with external storage attached, I would like to emulate what happens when the application starts up and certain files are already present in the relevant directory on ext storage.

Is the external storage actually located on my machine, after enabling it in the AVD? Or should I be creating the files with some temporary, throw away code? Or should I just test on a real device?

What is best practice for this scenario?

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I can't get it the following solution. It seem location has changed. Get it from mnt/sdcard from DDMS perspective of Eclipse. – Megamind Aug 14 '13 at 9:36
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The sdcard.img is in the avd folder (~/.android/avd). If you are using Linux or OSX you can mount it, manipulate the files inside, and unmount it. Probably there's a program in Windows that let you do the same. As an alternative, you can start the emulator and then manipulate the sdcard content using adb push/pull or DDMS.

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The easiest way of creating the SDCard contents, would be to create the files that you need on your machine and then using the DDMS Perspective in Eclipse you can select your emulator in the Devices panel on the left, and then choose the FileExplorer tab on the right. There is a folder named sdcard which contains the SDCard contents.

By using the controlls on the right upper-side you can create folders inside the SDCard and by you can also Push files on the emulators SDCard.

As @dtmilano said, you can also achieve the same thing using Command Prompt.

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