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I have ObjectContext and entity, let's call it Device. Entity key of entity is not autogenerated, and is specified during adding to context. After adding of new entity with following code

Context.Devices.Add(new Device{Id = someVal, /*initialization*/});

I am trying to read that entity

var dev = Context.Devices.SingleOrDefault(d => d.Id == someVal);

and getting null.

Of course, after calling of SaveChanges() I can read that device from DB.

Why I can't read entity from context?

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Because until you call SaveChanges it does not actually exist in the database. Your call to Context.Devices.SingleOrDefault(d => d.Id == someVal); is making a call back to the database.

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I was expecting that entity should exist in object set in context, and querying against context returns that entity. And in some other cases i was experiencing that behavior – Gopher Sep 29 '11 at 13:24
Hmm. I would check the Context.Devices collection via the debugger to see if the object you just added is showing in there... Maybe using Find in place of SingleOrDefault would work. – Paige Cook Sep 29 '11 at 13:28

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