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Can anyone tell if there is a difference between

> flush  # or reset


> sqlclear appname | python dbshell
> syncdb 
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flush will truncate (delete data)

sqlclear will drop (delete table, thus data too)

=> if you have structural modifications in your db, you have to do sqlclear (but better use south)

share|improve this answer… says: "Prints the DROP TABLE SQL statements for the given app name(s).". Seems to me it doesn't actually drop the tables. –  peetasan May 22 at 10:30
Read "will print statements to drop" then. Refer to the OP question to see how to actually apply the statements. –  lajarre May 22 at 11:00

Official docs for

flush and sqlclear

Flush carries out the SQL Drops on the entire db, sqlflush only prints out the SQL that flush would actual run (again on the entire db). sqlclear prints out SQL Drops for a particular app or apps. Both flush and sqlflush/dbshell/syncdb will install fixtures.

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by running sqlflush, looks like flush would only truncate tables rather than drop them. –  Bobo Oct 2 '12 at 15:25

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