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From my (Linux-)application, I am watching a hotfolder for specific sets of files. For example, I am waiting for this set:

  • example-1.xml
  • example-2.xml
  • example-3.xml

The hotfolder is shared over the network via SMB. Now, to be sure that all files are written before I move them away, I will wait for one last empty file:

  • example.done

My client will ensure that this file will be the last file that is written.

My assumptions are:

  • files will be sent over the network and stored on disk in the order they were written.
  • once the example.done file is available, all previous files will be complete.

Are these assumptions correct?

Searching for "file system guarantees" only results in explanations of in-file ordering or reliability in system crashes:
Guarantees of order of the operations on file
Does Linux guarantee the contents of a file is flushed to disc after close()?
What reliability guarantees are provided by NTFS?

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What SMB clients/servers would this be with? –  jelmer Sep 30 '11 at 10:00
The SMB server is Samba, the client is Windows (XP and up). But I hope this shouldn't matter. –  Frank Kusters Oct 3 '11 at 7:35

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