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I have 2 version of my drupal site that are the live and staging. My live site is http://www.mysite.com/ and the staging is http://mystaging.com/site/www.mysite.com/.

In live site, the path of images is displaying but on my staging the images are not displaying. It’s because of the 2 subdirectory (site/www.mysite.com/) on my staging.

I would like to ask about solutions how I can display all images in my staging without editing the database or some .tpl.php file just to add “site/www.mysite.com/”. Is it possible to fix via .htaccess?

I hope someone can help me or enlighten me.

Thank you.

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You can change the $base_url variable in sites/default/files/settings.php for your local copy, that should let you set an absolute base path for your site

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