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I have a PL/SQL package that does not specify an AUTHID (effectively making it AUTHID DEFINER). However, there is precisely one procedure within this package that needs to run as AUTHID CURRENT_USER. Is this possible, or must I create a separate, top-level procedure?

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Pretty sure a new package would be needed since the AUTHID can only be specified at the PACKAGE level (to the best of my knowledge anyway)

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Do you know of any documentation that confirms this? –  Adam Paynter Sep 30 '11 at 8:47
@Adam, Your best bet is to test it on your DEV system. Then you'll know for sure for your DB version etc. –  Ollie Sep 30 '11 at 12:09

Though this linked question is slightly off-topic, the answer supplied by JulesLt explains that you can't specify AUTHID in a package at a level below the package level:

Executing an Oracle Stored Proc as Another User

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Oracle does not allow the authid clause on a subprogram in a package or type. You will get the following error:

Error: PLS-00157: AUTHID only allowed on schema-level programs
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