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I am using reflection to get the name of a function. Everything was fine and now instead of getting the function name (e.g. SendEmail) i am getting Lambda$_2 as the function name.

Nothing seems to have changed in the code that would have changed this. I have the same behaviour elsewhere in the project and that still works fine.

My code:

Private _sendEmailDel As Zeta.Bol.SendEmailDel (this is a delegate sub)

_sendEmailDel = AddressOf Zeta.Bol.SendEmail

dim methName as string = _sendEmailDel.Method.Name

Zeta.Bol.SendEmail is normal function (no lambda involved).

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That's because you're trying to get the name of your delegate, not the original function. Since you declared the delegate anonymously, the compiler generates an automatic name for it.

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