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I have a tree with nodes that implement this interface
Interface Node {
public boolean hasChildren() {};


How can I return a List of List with same treeLevel ?
for example if I have a tree like
      2                   3
4       5            6      7

I'll return a list of list like this {{1}{2,3}{4,5,6,7}}

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Why did you tag this "genetic-algorithm"? –  Howard Sep 29 '11 at 17:32
It is impossible to do what you want if the only operation you can perform on a node is to find out whether it has children. –  NPE Oct 1 '11 at 7:52

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This is basically a breadth-first traversal, except at each level you keep a list of that level. something like this example C# code:

 IEnumerable<Node[]> Traverse(Node root) {
      Node[] currentLevel = new [] { root };
      Node[] nextLevel = null;
      while(true) { 
          nextLevel = currentLevel.SelectMany(n => n.Children).ToArray();
          if (nextLevel.Length > 0) {
             yield return nextLevel;
             currentLevel = nextLevel;
          else { 
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