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I have a .bat file shown below in which I want to redirect the whole contents present in my IDE to some text file.

D:\WindRiver\wrenv.exe -p vxworks653-2.2.3 run
D:\WindRiver\wrenv.exe -p vxworks653-2.2.3>C:\ThreePartition\output.txt 

I am able to just get some partial output i.e I am unable to get the errors which are thrown during compilation or building process. Is this correct or Can anyone suggest any other way??

Thanks a lot Maddy

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Your batch is redirecting all messages from wrenv.exe that are sent to the standard output.

I never used WinRiver but usually IDEs manage the console internally and don't log any messages on the standard output/error stream.

It is maybe possible to set the output of the console of the IDE though. If it is, try to set it to the standard output.

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You can try this: D:\WindRiver\wrenv.exe -p vxworks653-2.2.3 > C:\ThreePartition\output.txt 2>&1

You can find a good explanation here. Basically you need to redirect both stdout AND stderr to your file.

Best regards.

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Hey maurico,Thanks a lot buddy,but i see another bottleneck i.e the IDe is running in the background,But i am able to get the whole contents into the text file successfully.I want my IDE to run in the forefront too. –  Maddy Apr 17 '09 at 12:49
Hey mauricio, Thats not running in the forefronti mean my IDE.Can u plz suggest me any alternative answer?? –  Maddy Apr 17 '09 at 13:41
I am very unsure about this but can you try following D:\WindRiver\wrenv.exe -p vxworks653-2.2.3 -o run > C:\ThreePartition\output.txt 2>&1 –  user395072 Jul 20 '10 at 21:53

I think you want to combine both those lines into one:

D:\WindRiver\wrenv.exe -p vxworks653-2.2.3 run >C:\ThreePartition\output.txt

OK, looking at your posts here, here and here, it seems you want to log the compilation process. The command for that will be something like (all on one line):

make ThreePartition.mak >C:\ThreePartition\output.txt

Assuming there's a file called ThreePartition.mak.

The command you've been using so far is designed to simply open an interface where you can type commands, which is why you get no output. If you want to log simulation, or a kernel build, there is a file called vxworks_cli_tools_users_guide_6.6.pdf which describes the command line interface, including vxprj in full detail.

Also, are you really using a nant script to call a .vbs to call a .bat to call wrenv.exe? I'm sure there's a simpler way to do that.

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But tats not at all working Mark.I had tried that too.is der any other way?? –  Maddy Apr 17 '09 at 12:22

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