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I created an XML layout for my project with an ImageView in it. I add a default image for imageView. Now programatically I am getting that imageview and trying to change the image source using imgView.setImageBitmap(newbitmap);.

The problem is that both images are showing - the default image displays behind programatically added one.

I tried:

  • imgView.setImageResource(0);
  • imgView.setImageDrawable(null);
  • imgView.setAlpha(0);
  • imgView.setImageBitmap(null);

    ...but the default image is still visible.

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please provide your xml r u using src or background for image provided –  Arpit Garg Sep 29 '11 at 17:35

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If you are setting the background of the ImageView in the xml file, then it will remain until you clear the background. ImageView is odd in that it can display two images, background and source. Use the attribute android:src to set the source image and 'android:background' to set the background. All the methods you described will replace the source image but keep the background unchanged.

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thanks,I set default image as img resource and then in code I am setting new image bitmap its replacing previous one.thanks –  aftab Sep 29 '11 at 17:50

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