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I only recently started using dojo and I am doing numerous ajax calls using dojo xhrGet, xhrPost,..etc. Now I have an animated gif image which i want to use to indicate "loading" to the user. I am not too sure how this can be done. Can someone please advise me on this? here is my code,

                url: registcarturl,
                handleAs: "json",
                preventCache: true,
                load: function(data, ioArgs) {
                    //DO STUFF WITH data HERE
                error: function(error) {
                    alert("sorry ! an error occurred while adding to the cart with ajax");

How do i get my loading gif file into the interaction? Thank you.

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Have a look at dojox.widget.Standby: http://dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/dojox/widget/Standby.html

To give you an example, define the widget.Standby

<div jsId="basicStandby1" dojoType="dojox.widget.Standby" target="yourDomTarget">

After calling dojo.xhrGet, show it:


And when you receive your answer, hide it:

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