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I have a bunch of files that I've changed that I don't really want to commit, but I would like to back them up locally in case I would like to use them again. (Then I'll revert them.)

TortoiseSvn working status helps to view the modified files, but I want a way to save them all to a separate directory like Backups\, preferably with their folder heirararchy still in tact.

How can I do that?


Apparently branching is the way to go.

But what I did was just copied the modified files paths to the clipboard (which is an option in tortoisesvn) then to a file, and created a program to copy them to a backup folder.

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Thx for posting you resolution. It's always good to know how you finalize it. –  TridenT Sep 29 '11 at 20:05
Thanks TridenT. Appreciation appreciated. Unfortunately there is no accept multiple solutions button. –  user420667 Sep 29 '11 at 20:10

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You can create a branch and commit those files only in that branch.

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You can commit it inside a branch, so it doesn't affect your current 'trunk' or branch.

If you had a try with bazaar , that is compatible with SVN, there is a shelf command to temporarily store a set of modification and apply back them later.

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