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I have a boolean variable, projectsLoaded that is set to false when my application loads. As i'm sure you can imagine, when the final project module loads, I set the variable to be true. Is there a way I can trigger a series of functions to run once that variable is set to true?

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You can use setters and getters to execute code when value changes. Just be sure to use the setter instead of setting the private variable value.

EDIT : I just saw you tagged your question with addeventlistener. I edited the code to use that instead.

private _projectsLoaded:Boolean = false;

//this could be done elsewhere, that's just an example
private function init():void
     addEventListener("projectsLoaded", onProjectsLoaded);

public function get projectsLoader():Boolean
    return _projectsLoaded;

public function set projectsLoaded(value:Boolean):void
        _projectsLoaded = value;
            dispatchEvent(new Event("projectsLoaded"));

protected function onProjectsLoaded(event:Event):void
    //your logic here
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