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I would like to implement a Msbuild Custome task to loop a list of items and do something about each item. Basically I would liketo build a foreach or for loop in msbuild.

I have searched around but didn't find much useful information about output a list of items and loop though each of them

What I got

How to implement Custom Tasks

Return output from a custom msbuild task

Return output from an MsBuild task?

Is it possible to implement my though with msbuild custom task?


I would like something

<Foreach item='String' in="PropertyGroups" Property='MyPropertyName'>
   //do what ever to use $(MypropertyName) for other tasks
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Standard MSBuild tasks operate on collections (ItemGroup in MSBuild-ese, ITaskItem[] in the ITask interface) and custom tasks can do the same. You don't need a foreach.

Your task, if you need a custom task, would look like this:

<MyTask TaskItems="@(blah)"/>
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added example in my question – icn Sep 29 '11 at 19:02
@icn - Even more specific. Ignore the foreach concept, what are you trying to do for your build. – Ritch Melton Sep 29 '11 at 19:05

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