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I need a regular expression that will find a number(s) that is not inside parenthesis. Example abcd 1 (35) (df)

It would only see the 1.

Is this very complex? I've tried and had no luck. Thanks for any help

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What programming language are you using? They all use regexes a little bit differently. –  Chriszuma Sep 29 '11 at 18:47
Post what you've tried and we'll modify. –  Jonathan M Sep 29 '11 at 18:48
It should be Perl specific. According to the editor I'm using. I'll try and find the old example I was using and post it. –  jdross Sep 29 '11 at 18:52

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This is quite hard but something like this will probably do:


The problem is to match (123, 123) and also to not match the string 123 as the number 2 between the non-parentheses characters 1 and 3. Also there are probably some edge cases for start of and end of string.

My suggestion is to not use a regex for this. Maybe a regex that matches numbers and then use the capture info to check if the surrounding characters are not parentheses.

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An easy solution is to first remove the unwanted values:

my $string = "abcd 12 (35) (df) 2311,22";
$string =~ s/\(\d+\)//g;         # remove numbers within parens
my @numbers = $string =~ /\d+/g; # extract the numbers
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The regular expression would be:

^[a-z]+ ([0-9]+) \([0-9]+\) \([a-z]+\)$

The result is the first (and only) matching group of the regex.

Maybe you want to remove the ^ and $ if the regex should not match only if it’s the content of a whole single line. You can also use [a-zA-Z] or [[:alpha:]]. This depends on the regular expression engine you use and, of course, the content you want to match.

Example perl code:

if (m/^[a-z]+ ([0-9]+) \([0-9]+\) \([a-z]+\)$/) {

Please note that your question contains not enough information to make a good answer possible (you did not say anything about the general format of your expression, for example if you want to match integers or floating points)

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How about


? This matches a string of digits (\d+) that are

  • preceded by the beginning of the string, or a character that is not a digit or an open parenthesis ((?:^|[^\d(]))

  • succeeded by the end of the string, or by a character that is not a digit or a close parenthesis ((?:[^\d)]|$))

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Refer Regular Expression Library for more information.

This site may helps you a lot.

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Thanks for giving -1 for not satisfied.. –  Siva Charan Sep 29 '11 at 19:17
SE is a Q/A site. It's not a Q/"put a link to some other site instead of an A" site. Further, the link that you gave doesn't answer his question, which was "how do I match a number that's not surrounded by parentheses?" It only gives 203 regular expressions that happen to match a digit somewhere in them. He's supposed to go through them all and find out that there probably isn't an answer in there? –  CanSpice Sep 29 '11 at 19:32

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