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We build prototypes and demo applications in Flex 4.5.1 and AIR 2.7 for mobile and desktop use. These tend to involve a large number of full-screen .PNG files. Lately we have been looking at ways to segment our code for flexibility and multi-screen re-use.

What suggestions do people have for segmenting the project and libraries such that compile times are minimal and images are easy to replace?

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A couple of strategies pop to mind:

  • Externalize the assets from in-line [Embed] statements, to using a CSS file.
  • Configure the CSS to compile as a seperate SWF, and load it at runtime. This should minimize the amount of PNG encoding the compiler is doing during your normal compilation process.
  • If that still doesn't speed it up enough (I've found that the incremental compiler sometimes gets mixed up and re-encoded the embedded assets, killing compiler speed), move the CSS files to a separate project altogether.

This option is preferable, as loading your images at runtime gives you better flexibility in your multi-screen projects.


  • If using CSS isn't an option for some reason, move your [Embed]'s from your main project to a separate SWC project, and embed them on classes.
  • Add the swc as a dependant project
  • Reference the assets via the classes.


// assets-project/src/Images.as
public class Images {
    public static var defaultAvatar:Object;

// main-project/src/SomeView.mxml
<s:BitmapImage source="{Images.defaultAvatar"} />
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