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I can't seem to figure out this one. I have a component which depends on a service. The service has a URL which is only known at runtime. How can I get a Component instance using the container?

public interface IService
    Uri Url { get; set; }

public class Service : IService
    public Uri Url { get; set; }

public class Component : IComponent
    public Component(IService service) {... }

I can only think of using Unity as Service Locator to get the container on demand and register my runtime instance:

var service = new Service { Url = new Uri("http://...") };
var component = Container.Resolve<IComponent>();

But I really want to avoid SL. Is there another way?

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Mark, thank you for your suggestion. I made a IServiceFactory which is injected on Component's ctor, so now the container can resolve IComponent. But I need to trigger service instantiation somehow, and I don't see how else except having a method on IComponent, e.g. SetServiceUrl(Uri uri) -> which calls factory.Create(uri) inside Component. Is this not what that guy was trying to avoid? –  Suiden Sep 30 '11 at 17:52

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