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I am trying to use Goblin library which is used for special network algorithms. This library provides some header files and objects in C/C++. So, you can easily add a header file to your program and use some special classes and functions.

Unfortunately, when I add the header file, I get error. In the following you can see the simple code and error.



int main()
    return 0;


$ g++ -o test.o test.cpp
/tmp/ccB0Rb25.o: In function `goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()':
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD1Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x10): undefined reference to `goblinNObjects'
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD1Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x18): undefined reference to `goblinNObjects'
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD1Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x2c): undefined reference to `goblinRootObject::operator delete(void*)'
/tmp/ccB0Rb25.o: In function `goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()':
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD0Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x10): undefined reference to `goblinNObjects'
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD0Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x18): undefined reference to `goblinNObjects'
test.cpp:(.text._ZN16goblinRootObjectD0Ev[goblinRootObject::~goblinRootObject()]+0x2c): undefined reference to `goblinRootObject::operator delete(void*)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
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g++ -lgoblin -L/pathToLibgoblin/ -o test.o test.cpp

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