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I have the following structure

class List < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :global_lists

class GlobalList < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_table_name :globals_lists
    belongs_to :list

and the following:

gl=GlobalList.find(1)   #works 
gl.list                 #works
gm=GlobalList.where(:global_id => 23).includes(:list) #works
gm.list                             # doesn't work

How do I access the list when using a where for returning the object?


edit: is there a way for me to flatten this and get all the lists that have this? I guess I could iterate through but have the feeling there might be some syntax that I'm not aware of

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This line:

gm = GlobalList.where(:global_id => 23).includes(:list)

returns a collection of models. You need to first the first to get the list.

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The problem is that GlobalList.find returns a single GlobalList object whereas your query with where returns an ActiveRecord::Relation object (which represents a whole set of objects). You want:

gm = GlobalList.where(:global_id => 23).includes(:list).first
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