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I have a problem, I am currently working in a project PKI, I must to create a module to renewal certificate using exits public/private key pair . I can get information about key container from usb token but i don't know how to import new certificate created using same public/private keypair like old certificate? Can every tell me how can i achieve this using CryptoAPI?

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what usb token are you using? Also can you explain your question with some clarity and detail. Are you the CA? Where is the key pair coming from? – Raj Sep 29 '11 at 21:35
Hi, Iam a CA, I am using usb token of SecureMetric. The key pair and certificate created by using my company ejbca system. The problem is when certificate expired, the user must have to renew certificate to extend date used, then with current ejbca system. This system not support renew certificate, It just support delete certificate, public/private keypair and then create new certificate/public/private keypair --> All my document signed with old certificate/public/private key can not verify --> This is what i want to ask to help ? – tandaica0612 Sep 30 '11 at 4:30
You have asked many questions in the last couple of weeks which are all over the spectrum of crypto from tokens to pkcs#11 to cryptoapi to openssl to cert renewing to csr. One of the things what i have observed is that there is no clear idea of what you/your company wants to achieve. may i suggest that you go back to the drawing board and define your objectives. Do some home work before raising any queries. For many of the queries, the answer is already available in the web. You are not going to get an answer for your companies entire development plan. – Raj Oct 18 '11 at 14:13

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